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Position Description

Flexiple's infrastructure is heavily powered by Ruby on Rails, and we're keen to onboard smart Ruby developers with some experience on JavaScript to help us build amazing web apps!

You'll be part of Flexiple's core engineering team and get a chance to work on multiple Ruby/JS apps, that are built for performance & scale. A typical day of engineering work at Flexiple would involve backend ruby work and getting your hands dirty in the frontend.

Our apps are built for internal & external users, and a few of them get 1 million+ monthly hits! We'd love for you to help us build performant systems that function at such scale.

We don't make compromises in design or code and all our apps are robust, fast and well-tested. However, we also focus equally on speed of development, which is typical of the startup dev culture. So you'll see the best of both worlds at Flexiple!

This is a fully remote position that can be done from anywhere.

If you're backend Ruby developer, who also loves to tinker on the frontend, then this is the right opportunity for you.

Your Responsibilities:

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